peerHeya guys I am back with a new blog…. This time I am planning to write about peer pressure. Why peer pressure? Well just felt like writing about something serious this time.

“Peer pressure”- these two words can be damn toxic. Well I am lucky enough that my friends are not the ones who will ever force me to do something which I do not want to do and also somewhere or the other I am not that weak willed so yeah.

Mainly this pressure is exerted on a person because he or she wants to adapt in such an environment which is not meant for them. Popularity is also one of the reasons – many people want to be popular and are ready to do anything to gain this popularity.

Well this toxic drug can affect anybody like literally anybody. This pressure can result into different things. For example, a person who is under this so-called peer pressure can be affected by a slight change of behavior or it can end up to something dangerous like taking drugs or something. There are many cases where a crime is also committed by a person because of this pressure.

Well many people who are under this pressure do not even realize it.

Just remember one thing- you are unique in your way and it is not necessary that each and everybody out there in this world should like you. This doesn’t mean that you will have to change for others, even you don’t like some people so it’s fair enough. Secondly, popularity is interesting and awestrucking but it is just a temporary enlightenment.

And yeah do not be afraid of being rejected and isolated… if a person does not want you to be the way you are then just let them go.

“Do not change your route of life”

Just remember always choose your friends wisely and if you feel that something is wrong then do not do it. Do not change yourself for anybody. Be the way you are because you have been sent to this world to give a different stroke of your own unique shade.

True friends will always stick by your side and will never lead you to a wrong path.

So you guys out there…. Hope you liked my blog and yeah if you find somebody who is getting buried slowly under this pressure, just try talking to him or her and just guide that person out of this deep hole.


If you guys feel like sharing something, you can comment below or just mail me 😉

Signing off for now

-Malavika 😀





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